• What is UTOPiAfest Down In The Oaks?  

Imagine the magical, extraordinary experience of listening to artists you love, and discovering new favorites, while savoring local hill country cuisine, beverages  under the towering oaks and vast Texas sky. We know that when nature welcomes music surrounded by top-notch hospitality, art installations, workshops, creating a unique festival experience, each guest will truly understand what makes this experience so special at UTOPiAfest Down in the Oaks. Guests will enjoy world class music production, as well as a wide variety of workshops and activities, creating a well rounded festival experience.

  • Where is UTOPiAfest Down In The Oaks?  

This carefully cultivated venue is on a privately owned ranch near Burnet, TX an hour outside of Austin. It consists of four vast majestic wide open fields, enriched by numerous ancient oak, elm and pecan tree groves.  The land is rejuvenated by the natural spring fed fork of the San Gabriel River and natural ponds throughout. The space has a natural ebb and flow that allows guests the freedom to roam as they please.

Address: 1301 Hidden Ranch Rd. Burnet, TX - Please respect privacy of landowners and do not arrive until gates open.

Tour the space here.

  • How are tickets processed?

Order online. Upon purchase,  RFID wristbands will be sent out to your place of residency approximately a month from the festival date. There will also be a will call location off site for pick up of wristbands. Location TBD. This will allow full access into the festival grounds. Each RFID wristband will be scanned upon entering the festival as well as giving you the option to go cashless, expediting your purchases.  Please email us at info@uptopiafest.com for any questions or concerns.

  • What food will be available?  

We are excited about this year's Food Forest. The team is carefully curating a culinary experience in the venue and campgrounds, featuring some of Austin and the Hill Country's finest establishments.

  • When does the gate open/close and music begin?   

Check the official schedule for updates/changes.

EARLY ARRIVAL WED allows for guests to designate their camping area before anyone else. DOES NOT include entry into festival grounds.

THURSDAY November 1 pre-party: gate opens at noon and music begins at 7:30pm (requires a pre-party wristband in addition to Friday or two-day pass). No entry after 10pm.

FRIDAY: gate opens at 9am and music begins in the afternoon. No entry after 10pm.

SATURDAY: gate opens at 9am and music begins in the afternoon. No entry after 10pm.

SUNDAY: Campers pack and head home.

  • Are Golf Carts/ATVs/Other personal vehicles allowed?

No. Unauthorized motorized vehicles are permitted at UTOPiAfest.

  • Do you have to camp?

There are many other great options if you decide not to camp. We will be providing shuttle service to and from the festival at 2 locations in the central and south Austin Area. Shuttles will run throughout the day starting at 10am. If you are coming in from out of town and choosing to stay at a hotel we recommend you take an uber/lyft to one of the designated shuttle pick up locations. You can also bring out the RV (RV pass required).

Rent an RV to be delivered on site at www.txrvrent.com

If you want to camp the easy way, check out our pre-set up Hassle Free Rentals! Or for a more luxurious experience, check out our high end European Bell Tents!

How does parking/camping work?

Free parking lots are available for cars with 2 or more passengers(singles will require a small fee) and shuttles will be on hand to transport you to the show/your campsite. If you prefer to camp next to your car, you are required to purchase a car-camping pass and camp in the designated car-camping area. A limited amount of RV spaces are also available.

  • Is there a quiet time in the campgrounds?

Quiet time will be enforced between 2am - 9am each morning. Please respect your neighboring UTOPiAFest family by keeping the noise down.

  • Is the festival BYOB?

You are welcome to bring 1 Case (24 pack) of Beer and 2 plastic bottles of wine or spirits. (For 21+)  to the campgrounds, and there will be a general store with items for purchase, at competitive prices. Please spend your adult beverage budget with us, to keep the fest sustainable. You will now also be able to purchase beverages in the venue. Our Beer Garden will feature the best craft beers brewed in Austin and beyond.

  • How does the shuttle work?

We are creating a shuttle program this year that will have at least stops in North and South Austin. Details and pricing available soon.

  • Are there showers?

Yes, for GA there will be a small fee for shower trailers. If you choose to upgrade to our Live Oak VIP pass, air conditioned bathroom and shower trailers will be provided in your designated campgrounds.

  • What’s the water situation?

Campers are encouraged to bring factor-sealed water for their campsite. Outside food and beverages (including water) will not be permitted into the festival grounds. We encourage you to bring reusable water bottles or camelbacks, which can be filled at our complementary water stations. There will also be water and other non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase at the bar.

  • Is there a Lost and Found?

Yes, Lost and Found will operate during festival hours and will be located at the info tent. After Sunday at noon, all lost and found items will be moved off-site, where they will be held for 30 days. A form will be posted on our website to report and describe your lost items, if found we will contact you. There might be a charge to ship your items back to you.

  • Will fires/stoves be allowed?

There will be no fires permitted on site.

  • Are pets allowed?

UTOPiAFest has a strict no-pet policy, with exceptions only for service animals as specified by federal and state law. Due to large-scale service animal fraud and for the safety of our patrons, staff, and other service animals, all animals which do not meet the legal standards will not be allowed into the festival grounds. All service animals must be registered at the entrance gates. Please note, dogs (or other animals) whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals by the ADA and and will not be allowed into the gates. For more info, visit www.ada.gov.

  • Is UTOPiAFest ADA accessible?

We want to make sure that all music lovers have access to the festival experience! The festival grounds are wheelchair accessible and ADA bathrooms are provided. Should you have any questions, or to request reasonable accommodation, please contact info@utopiafest.com.

  • Can I Bring My Medication?

Yes, medications are allowed into the festival and campgrounds as long as they comply with the following:
No over-the-counter medication is permitted unless in unopened, factory-sealed packaging.
No vitamins or supplements of any kind are permitted.
Prescription Medication can only be brought into the festival ground with the following:
A valid photo ID (See list of acceptable forms of identification);
Medication must be in original prescription bottle, in-date, legible, with name corresponding to photo ID;
Only one type of medication per bottle (matching the description printed on bottle);
Any prescription controlled substances may only be brought in quantities reasonable for your time at the festival.
Unsure if your medication is a controlled substance? Check out a list here: http://bit.ly/DEAcontrolledsubstances

  • Are RVs/Trailers/Other Things That Aren’t Tents allowed?

Yes, but they require an RV area pass (limited availability).

  • Are there power/electricity hookups for RVs?

Yes, power/electricity hookups will be available, for advanced purchase! (limited availability)

  • ATMs?

Will be available

  • Will there be EMS on site?

We will have medical staff on site for the entire duration of UTOPiAFest. Upon arrival, please take note of the location of our clearly-marked medical tent should you need to stop by throughout the weekend. If you need medical assistance, contact the nearest security official, staff member, ambassador, or medical staff, or go to one of the on-site medical tents. If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency or not, assume it is and get help immediately. All of our safety and medical staff are here to help you enjoy the festival and make it home safely – no judgements.

  • What about security?

Your health, safety and security are always our top priority. UTOPiAFest’s Safety Management team will continue to work closely with our public safety partners to raise our preparedness and ensure a safe, secure, and positive environment is provided for all attendees, artists, and staff.

  • What about weather?

UTOPiAFest is a rain or shine event. That said, your safety comes first. Should inclimate weather which may pose a risk to your health and safety force the cancellation of programing or evacuation of the festival grounds, no refunds will be issued. Texas weather can be unpredictable. Please keep an eye on the forecast, plan accordingly, and always listen to any updates from festival staff regarding your safety.

  • Will I be searched?

To ensure the safety of our UTOPiAFest family, all vehicles, persons and property are subject to search at all times. Failure to consent to a search will result in denial of entry or ejection from the event.

Allowed Items

Festival & Camping

Printed Directions

Rain Boots
Folding Chair

Cool clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night

Hiking shoes
Ear plugs
The best camera you have! (Send us links afterwards!)
Insect repellent (this is the woods y’all there are unpleasant insects)
Reusable Water Bottles or Camelbak-style bladders (must be empty upon entry)

Camping Only

Air Mattress
Sleeping Bag
Any food or beverages (No Glass)
1 Case (24 pack) of Beer , 2 plastic bottles of wine or spirits per car. (For 21+)
Shower shoes
Trash bags to help keep your area clean

Prohibited Items Into the Festival & Campgrounds

Bad Attitudes

Glass (including wine bottles, glassware, pickle jars and test tubes)
Illegal substances of any kind

Drones (UAS)
Weapons, items that could be used as a weapon, or harmful objects
Scooters or personal motorized vehicles
Charcoal, lighter fluid, gasoline, firewood, tiki torches or other combustibles used to generate flame or heat (other than gas grills). NO OPEN FLAMES OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED.
Compressed gas canisters (other than small propane/butane for camping stoves)
Gas-powered generators (except Rvs)
No amplified music or disruptive instruments or drums
No hammers
No unauthorized merchandise or vending

Into the Festival Grounds

Food and Beverages (Including Alcohol)

Have a health and safety question? Please contact safety@utopiafest.com