The New Fest Layout

Say goodbye to trailer shuttles!

Introducing Fisher Camp and Camp Granny! In both areas, everyone will drive straight to their campsite, or choose a tent-only area and park close by. After the somewhat close camping quarters in 2018, we are excited to have SO MUCH room to enjoy! And after the long wait times for entry, we are working on the easiest, quickest, and safest entry yet. 

Anyone who wants to be closer to the action is allowed to camp in Camp Granny, you just need a 
'Granny Pass' to drive in your own vehicle. (1 per car or Camping Vehicle/RV). There are plentiful, diverse, awesome camping spots to choose from. 

Fisher Camp is a short leisurely stroll down Fly Street, and has also has a vast selection of beautiful camp-ready spots, with plenty of room to spread out. In Fisher Camp, all parking and car camping is free. An RV/Camping Vehicle pass will be required for RVs and sleeping trailers.

There will be golf cart and pedi cab rides offered between Fisher and Granny Camp, and bikes (non motorized) are encouraged!

Utopia Fest