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Paste – A Day in the Life: Lucius

KTSW – As the name suggests, the three-day camping and music festival was nothing short of perfection. Utopiafest was amazing, and I will be trekking my way back to outdoor heaven come next year.

Austin Fustion Magazine – UTOPiAfest, by contrast and intent, is much, much easier to handle. 

Austin Chronicle – Utopia Fest came and went the weekend before last as advertised: one damn fine time in the mud and sun. Rain fell the first night of the fest, Friday, but blue skies broke through on Saturday morning. Event organizers have refined this weekend into one of the best camping music festivals I’ve seen over these past years.

Austin Chronicle –  My return, though, is guaranteed as long as they put on this festival.Credit the BYOB policy, minimal security, and an audience size that prevents standing in line. Beautiful scenery and a general lack of shady behavior also makes for one of the happiest crowds of the whole festival scene. Utopia Fest, perfectly named.

Austin Post – We had no idea what to expect and were prepared for it to be weird, but the only weird was good-weird. –

Houston Press – The fifth annual UtopiaFest wrapped up in the early hours of Sunday morning, and after a super successful weekend of music and revelry, we have all made it back to society ready — actually, not so ready — to take on the week.The festival, which was once just a dream for founder Travis Sutherland, has blossomed into its own animal, and for a few days in late September creates a true utopian experience among a lucky community of like-minded festivarians. This was the best Utopia yet, and even with the threat of bad weather looming over the weekend, there was nothing but good times to be had.

Austin Post – All Festivals Could Learn from Utopia Fest. Nearly 2,000 people danced, camped and drum-circled over the weekend for the fifth annual Utopia Fest, which started as a gathering of 200 family members and friends on a ranch out in Utopia, Texas. The festival is relatively young, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. In fact, there were quite a few aspects of Utopia Fest I wish other festivals would incorporate. No matter what it was, being at Utopia Fest just felt good. I didn’t feel like I was corralled; I didn’t feel rushed or torn to decide who to see (no overlapping acts!). I felt relaxed and at peace and happy, absolutely utopian.

UTOPiAns –

The bands are great, the location is amazing and the people can’t be beat.

An intimate music festival with tons of fun for all ages.

Intimate, everyone was so very friendly and helpful to one another. It’s a music festival in a gorgeous valley and I will definitely be attending next year.

UTOPiAfest is a unique and intimate experience that I look forward to every year. The environment and the people have kept me coming back for the last few years. I have continuously brought more and new people each year.

A music festival without all the stuff i usually hate about music festivals

Awesome. Changed my life. So much fun.

Utopiafest is an incredible festival and a great mix of camping and music. Continuing to cap the number of tickets and not making the event too commercialized will be the keys to its future success.

Extremely laid back. One of the best festivals I’ve ever attended. I love the size and am terrified it will blow up. It’s a great to attend a festival where you can hear great music and be surrounded by natural beauty. I think the scenery helps a listener be able to connect with the music. I don’t know, I’m just simply in love with the entire thing!

Great location and awesome music. Rain was a bit much to deal with and muddy road difficult to walk on but bathrooms were kept clean and our camping experience was wonderful. Loved being able to walk easily to camp site and hear music from there as well. All in all a great festival experience. Great people in attendance and felt very comfortable at all times.

Awesome. Well put together. The perfect size. Great for the whole family!

The best festival experience you can ask for. Small enough to be intimate and feel safe, big enough to keep it interesting, I love the atmosphere, the location, the general mindset of the people in attendance. It really puts all other festivals to shame.

It is amazing. The highlight of my year. we have been going since the begining and we will never miss one. I plan my entire calendar around UTOPiAfest. The setting, the music, the ambiance, the food, the people, the amenities, it is all fantastic.

2012 was the only year we have been so far. The rain made the first night a little crazy, but loved that the show went on anyway. And the rest was great. According to my son on Saturday night – ‘this was the best day of my entire life!”

Best festival ever!

Incredible! A million times better than ACL.

A tremendous combination of beautiful environment, people, music and relaxation. I wouldn’t miss a UtopiaFest for anything. We anticipate this festival every year and have made permanent life plans to attend.

My wife and I have established a new family tradition that we will share with everybody we can for the rest of our lives.

An oasis of music and mirth nestled among the beautiful rolling hills of Utopia, TX. A make-shift community of revelers who come together to celebrate life, music, art, culture, and each other. A shining example of how festivals should be run.

I love that we can camp with our own drink and food. I also like that it is fairly small. Please do not make it too big!!! That is the beauty of it! The most important to me.

the best kept music-fest secret in Texas! It’s at the perfect balance of being big enough to warrant the trip and expense, but just small enough to be an intimate, genuine experience. It feels like what ACL was supposed to be.

It is what’s in the name, Utopia! A festival with no drama, positive vibes, great music, new friends and a view like no other!

A wonderful experience. While I didn’t expect it, the music almost felt secondary to the overall experience of camping, hiking and hanging out with friends. It was a perfect mix – I was able to go see bands that I was interested in, but then hang back at the tent when I wanted a break.

Very fun, and what really made it for me was the gorgeous scenery. I took a walk on a trail/road towards the back of the RV camping site that wound around a small hill — it was absolutely stunning and that really made the experience that much better for me. If the festival were held in a city or plain plot of land, it wouldn’t have been nearly as special.

The event I most look forward to all year

Best festival of the year, of every year. I can miss every other, but utopia is forever a staple.

A very relaxing and invigorating experience. It felt like being in a small town where everybody knew everbody. no stress. totally chill. music was great. food was good played disc golf. Not seeing a police presence was nice. I never experienced anything negative like aggression or anybody being too intoxicated. hopefully there were no DUIs after the shows.. Its great that people can party and then go back to there tents. Its a great set up.

A pure music celebration. Not spoiled with corporate corruption. Just a celebration of humanity. Amazing!

Paradise! A relaxing weekend getaway, enjoying spending time in nature, seeing great music up close and not having to deal with terrible crowds of most music festivals. As long as it stays small and affordable with good music I’ll keep going. I loved it! And I love that it’s BYOB!! Saves a lot of money.

Incredible! It was my 1st UtopiaFest experience & it def won’t be my last! I already have at least 15 people that are coming next year :) it’s going to be our annual trip to utopia :)

Its in my top two or three festival in central Tx. I plan to make it every year if I can. It’s for people who what to make the trip,want to be there and love the variety of music and people.

A friendly celebration of great music in the TX hill country. Distinctly not crowded, commercial, or hyped up – yet with really enjoyable musical discoveries. Slight roots/jam skew to the lineup but some dance/party stuff too, as long as it’s good.

It was my third year to attend the festival, I love it! I’ve recruited 3 more friends to come each year and they have all returned/desire to return. The only things that would keep me from returning are bigger crowds or expensive tickets.

Just what we needed!!!

Definitely one of the best experiences in my life. My friends and I connect on a deeper level out there. Brings us closer together even after the festival is over. We all are still talking about it

the highlight of my year, every year!

Surpassed all expectations on every level…destination, line up, crowd, atmosphere…I N C R E D I B L E ! ! !

Love it! Very family friendly and laid back and fun at night. Makes me want to come back every year.

It was an extremely manageable and fun festival. Other outdoor festivals like ACL get way too crowded, each stage is really far apart, bands play at conflicting times, and it just gets a bit overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Utopiafest on the other hand is very relaxed and you can really enjoy yourself (BYOB, camping, and easy parking are definite pluses).

Incredible music experience in a welcoming and relaxed setting. suitable for all ages.

It’s my favorite festival, by far! The music is diverse, the people are friendly, the scenery is breathtaking, and the entire experience is just easy. Thanks, guys!

Perfect mix of set and setting. The environment and atmosphere are all what they need to be. Relaxing with lots of space, kick ass bands, and the unexpected.

Koozies from the plane was a ridiculously awesome, unanticipated break from the norm :)

The absolutely best musical venue in Texas! Great variety, extreme harmony. The fest guests were absolutely awesome, for the most part. Maybe toss out the obnoxious ones?

The best music festival I’ve ever been too. It’s in a secluded, beautiful valley. The music is in an intimiate setting where you are close to the musicians and get to hear amazing music. There are so many genres of music, and each genre has a class act representing them, so you get to hear lots of different music, but it is all great music. You get exposed to new stuff and everybody has somebody that they absolutely love. The people are laid-back. The camping is awesome. The weather is great, even when it’s raining. This is our second year and we definitely plan on trying to make this a tradition.

Utopiafest is special because the wishes of the attendees are recognized and considered by the promoters/ planners. Its small and its nonchalant, which is perfect. The property is gorgeous and the music is diverse. The planners would be smart to push it a week later to avoid rain though.

It’s amazing! I’ve been mostly to ACL – and that – as we all know – has turned into a big sh*t show. However, I do have friends who run a company, Purple Bee, and they throw some pretty kick’n wonderfully small festivals that are 2-die-for. Utopia is RIGHT in the middle – not too big – not too small. My first Utopia experience was the 3rd annual and it was magical: perfect weather, perfect camp base, perfect friend group – nothing will beat that first year. I did prefer the amount of people at the 3rd annual. The 5th annual was still stellar, however, it was more crowded – but not a big deal.

The most amazing music festival for people who don’t want to deal with the “ACLs or Bonnaroos” of music festivals any more. I have traveled all over the country for music festivals over the past ten years and now Utopiafest is my music festival. It is for music lovers, camping lovers, outdoor lovers, families and children . Everyone is happy and free. I did not encounter one sketchy person at Utopiafest and there are always sketchy people at music festivals. Also I was pregnant and sober!!! I plan on bringing my 6 month old baby next year!!

a great intimate experience that allows you to get away from the hustle bustle of austin and get to enjoy good company and AMAZING nature views!!!

the location and backdrop landscape is the best part by far.

It was fantastic!! I loved that it wasn’t over crowded, the bathrooms were usually in good shape. Good food options, the stages were perfect- the art was also pretty neat. I loved getting my face painted- it was a great mix of artists I knew and had just discovered. It was a truly wonderful experience.

UtopiaFest is a down home, family oriented music fest with modern, upbeat, musicians. Utopia is the kind of experience that may be a little rough (past 2 years) with the rain but weathering the storm brings a glorious experience and stories worth telling for a lifetime.

The model for a boutique festival. amazing venue, good lineup, easy everything (except the rain!). Low-key security and everyone was so nice and friendly.

Utopia ain’t for sissies!

Awesome, I love that its so kid friendly but still so laid back. The ranch is amazing. I love that its byob, and I can make my own breakfast tacos for breakfast and steak for dinner while never missing the music.

I love the fact that it’s obvious each year (this was my 3rd) that the organizers really care about the experience that attendees have, as opposed to just trying to hoover their wallets (as with all the other festivals I’ve been too, with the exception of WOMAD). And I love the BYOB, admission cap, and camping aspects.

As the freest music fest around. You can do exactly what you want, when you want, where you want. There is no chance of “losing” your friends or not being able to make it back to your group of people during a show if you step out. The local communities involvement makes it very obvious how much this fest means to everyone. I have been describing this to people as the only fest where I get to walk around and talk to awesome old ladies like the Rocking Granny. :)

Best. Festival. Ever.

A great father and son weekend that cannot be ruined, even with rain the last 2 years.

It was what every festival should be!

Best festival in my opinion. Intimate enough, diverse lineup, price is fair, venue is amazing!! Keep it up guys. I’ll be back next year, even if I don’t win this drawing.

Utopiafest is something I look forward to all year and the experience is completely unique to all the other music festivals I’ve attended. I continue to think this is my favorite type of music fest because of how personal it is and running into people I’ve recognize from the last 3 festivals. I’m loving it more and more every year and can’t wait for the presale for next year!!!

Laid back, music centered but not dominated, friendly/helpful staff, no overbearing/rude security, beautiful location, just what a festival should be.

One of the best festivals I have ever attended. An incredible setting for a festival, and a great crowd of people who were enjoying themselves, but in a controlled, respectful & family-friendly manner. My kids had an absolute blast playing UTOPIAfest, and it was great to make so many new fans and friends while we were there!


for me, it’s just about the perfect festival. i love that it’s small & has stayed small. i love the location in the hill country. i love the diverse selection of music that’s being played & i love that there are no conflicts between bands. i love that i get to camp out there for 2 or 3 nights. it’s so disheartening to see all of the big corporate festivals invading Austin – and everywhere else – nowadays. UtopiaFest is the type of music experience i live for.

The best kept secret in Texas.

The best music festival ever! Great crowds, great music, great scenery and you cant beat BYOB

I come with my wife and adult children. We meet up with friends that also come every year. The vibe is incredible and has been a constant for all five years. Very relaxed, the only stress is once we get there and the shuttle to the camp site. I have lost stuff the last two years. I just figure that is the cost of having fun.The bands have become a little too techno for my liking but that is not a real complaint.

‘ll just reiterate what most are saying, this is absolutely how a festival should be run. I’ve done Waka a few times as well as a few other festivals, but Utopia has been and will always be my favorite. There’s a reason why this was my third consecutive year.


A euphoric peaceful vacation on a beautiful ranch in the best part of Texas. The music fit the crowd and the crowd fit the setting.

Utopiafest is a unique, peaceful, happy environment and the closest to utopia I think a music festival can get.

Safe. Family friendly. Great opportunity to see varied music.

Small, intimate, perfect for making friends and enjoying music. Also, soooo beautiful! I’ll be back for a 4th year!!

An amazing relaxing weekend that I never wanted to end.

Such an awesome festival! Definitely my favorite! I love that it is two nights (less intense than 3 night festivals, but you can go a third night if you want to) and the mix of camping and music is perfect! A gem of a festival in the heart of Utopia, TX!

Hands down the most pleasant of the local ‘fests – Old Settlers is the closest comparison, and the setting/1000 acres of campground is the ace for y’all.

Seeing Travis bouncing around the crowd like a kid is wonderful – captures (and helps set) the tone.

One of my top 5 festival experiences – maybe even #1.

the best place on earth

Amazing music in a gorgeous venue, wonderful vibe. The limited number of attendees is perfect, it makes the experience so much more intimate. I now prefer this to grande festivals such as ACL.

The best part about the fest, is the escape into the hill country. Set in a stunning valley where just camping would suffice, you add in incredible music and fun people to make it an even better weekend. There is no drive to connect with the outside world. And, it is still an intimate festival, like ACL used to be many years ago. Utopiafest is my husband and my favorite music festival and we can’t wait for next year.

Strings. Beats. Moonlit dreams. Water fell from the sky.It was Utopia.

One of my all time best festival experiences (been to jazz fest, ACL etc). The size was perfect, the crowd was awesome and the music was very special. Loved everything about it. I will be back every year. The energy of the crowd was amazing and I loved that the band members were out in the crowd. We met amazing people and everyone was so kind and gentle

The best music festival in Texas, in the best setting in Texas.

This is the perfect Festival! It’s small, in a beautiful location & very family friendly. We have 5 kids and have been for the past three years. Our family looks forward to this festival every year. Great job!!!!

A great place to camp, listen to music, and take in a beautiful view while forgetting about whatever stress and junk might be back at home. It truly is Utopia!

Listening to music and camping are two of my favorite activities, so UTOPIAfest is appropriately named for me. It is a unique festival experience. I really like the intimacy that the small size and relative remoteness allows. It is like a music retreat. I appreciated the friendliness of my fellow festival-goers and the fact that there didn’t seem to be any “in your face” security (although I felt quite safe). The music was great; I got to hear a lot of new stuff and that is always fun.

An intimate music festival with camping, disc golf, and the best views around. No other music festival will give you the chance to learn about fossils or seedbombs. Incredible combination.

Lives up to its rep: beautiful, bucolic venue; great music (with a clunker or 2); well managed stage production (hats off to all the crew); manageable crowd; friendly people; groovy vibe.

A great experience that will have me coming back for more and hoping to share with others.

Beyond Beautiful, intimate, friendly, welcoming–one of the best weeekends of my life

An incredible experience. It was my first time at the festival, and I was not disappointed in the least. I will be returning year after year.

Carefully planned, still evolving, Hill-Country-indigenous festival of balanced musical genres with a low-key, friendly vibe. Kinda hesitant to call it a good vibe because when a review says that, everybody else – you know, all THOSE people – flock in and change the vibe.

A magical experience, great people, not too familiar a lot of the line-up… I was very impressed by many talented artists. Love that it’s a capped audience. When it becomes a huge sensation that sells out in 5 minutes, offer pre-sale to veteran attendees!! Thanks for the hard work, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend.

A great time, I love this festival environment, so humble and calm. So peaceful and graceful.

Fabulous, friendly, family fun, relaxing and bizarre. We couldn’t ask for a better experience for our music loving family.

A wonderful mix of love, music, and landscapes

The coolest little music festival that we shouldn’t tell anyone else about, cause I want to keep its awesomeness to me and my friends.

One of the most memorable times of my life!! Such an amazing festival flooded with amazing people!! I don’t have a single negative thing to say … Was my friends and mines first time and we are now utopians for life!! Thanks to all who made this happen on this magical mystical glorious land!!

Loved the rain and the sun and everything else this year!! Can’t wait till next year, thanks!!! It would be nice if y’all could get Charles Bradley back again

Magical weekend. Thank you so much. By far my best festival experience ever.

This is by far my favorite festival of all time. It is as much the people as it is the place as it is the music. And speaking from a parents point of view / it’s the best festival for families. My kid was in the moment the entire time. I thank you for that.

Thank you Travis and all! We brought our 2 boys Ages 5 and 18 months and all had a blast! UtopiaFest is the best! P.s please don’t ever let it get too big. It is very special what you have.

I have been to a lot of festivals in my life but utopia fest is by far the best one I have been to. It’s seeing the smiles on all the people’s face all weekend, the music, the beauty of mother nature and the overall experience that makes it unique I would all so like to say thanks to all who were involved in this wonderful experience. Thanks for a great vision Travis

Gratitude runs deep. One more year as a participant. Then you have my service as a VoL.

It was my first but not my last. Great job on making the perfect festival. Everything ACL is not. See you next year.

Unique, full & and nearly communal. This last weekend was by far one of the most enjoyable, relaxing & entertaining “vacations” I’ve had in a long time.

The variety in music was fantastic, as was the crowd. The things everyone seemed to have in common were a love for music, beautiful open scenery, and respect for things / those around them.

Thank you for your vision, yours & your family’s hard work, and to all the fabulous volunteers! This was my first year, but as long as the spirit stays the same I’ll keep coming back.

It was an amazing event that I plan on attending as long as you throw it, thanks for keeping it at the perfect size and perfect place! See ya at art outside

Wonderful festival. When the rain cleared Friday night and the full moon came out backlighting the clouds it was MAGICAL. So glad I was there. Bands were fantastic. Great variety. Excellent.

Travis, Aaron, Jamie, Patrick and the cast of thousands behind Utopiafest, Keep Utopia Beautiful is grateful to contribute to this fantastic event. This is our third year to manage recycling, waste and to help with shuttling campers. KUB’s mission includes maintaining the health and beauty of our Canyonlands! We are so pleased that the campers and guests were respectful of the Four Sisters’ Ranch. The music, the food and the ambiance of this event is matchless! Fruit Poop and veggie curry are the best! Thanks for including Keep Utopia Beautiful in the line up of helpers. Keep America Beautiful awarded a grant to address cigarette litter at utopiafest and this year there were noticeably fewer butts on the ground. Thank you for all the successes of Utopiafest!!!

All in all such a wonderful weekend, epic vibes, legendary music.

Absolutely, hands down the best vacation/festival I’ve ever experienced. A big thanks to all of you that made it possible.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made the festival possible. It was our first year but definitely not our last. I especially enjoyed meeting some of the local Utopians. You represent your town well. We had a memorable time and look forward to doing it again. Plus, I’m curious to see how many people copy our shelter next year

I had a great time at my first Utopiafest. See you next year!!

Is it September 2014 yet???? I can’t wait till next year. My brother and I had a great time! What a great experience with all the beautiful and cool people that attended and extremely talented musicians! Thank you to all who had a hand in making all this possible. You guys are truly a gift!



“UTOPiAfest is my favorite music and arts festival to come along in years. At a time when it seems like new festivals pop up each week, UTOPiA stands out from the crowd. The setting is beautiful, the vibe is dialed in, the staging and sound equipment is top notch, and the artist accommodations are second to none. As a performer, these are all the things that keep me coming back!”  –Ben Kweller

UTOPiAfest: Not only how festivals but also how the world should be. pleasant surroundings, great sound, cool passionate crowd and epicurean hospitality. vibe a la righteous indeed. – Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Wow, that was quite a time. Crazy. The audience was beautiful, standing in the rain when I was staying dry on stage. When I jumped out into the mud they went crazy, and started dancing with me. It was fun, very fun. Fun to be with such beautiful people in the mud and rain.” –Charles Bradley

“Put simply—UTOPiAfest takes risks.” –Pop Press International

“UtopiaFest is a really special gathering of enthusiastic music lovers in the gorgeous hills of SW Texas. The setting, lineup and community was topnotch and I would definitely return next year.” –Noël Marie Pitts, The Austin Chronicle

“We had a great time playing utopiafest this year! The festival organizers are really great people that treated us like kings! Nestled in the beautiful Texas hills, UTOPiAfest is a very unique festival with a great crowd of dedicated listeners. We loved it!” –Dana Falconberry

“Last weekend UTOPiAfest proved itself as one of the coolest new festivals to emerge in central Texas in recent years.” –The Horn

“It’s true that I’m usually not a festival guy. But UTOPiAfest completely turned that around for me. I can honestly say that UTOPiA is the festival I have to go to every year from now on. The music was great, and I made some honest-to-goodness discoveries. The site was absolutely gorgeous. But, more importantly, it was the people. In my experience, come hell or high water, everybody (festival goers and staff) seemed to want nothing more than to make everybody else feel welcome. And that’s a beautiful thing. I’m sold.” – Paul Carrubba, KUT 90.5
The definition of utopia is “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect” and that pretty much describes UTOPiAFEST.” –Texas Outside

“It’s this that rests at the core of UTOPiAfest:  The people.” –Austin Fusion Magazine

“I first experienced UTOPiAfest as just a festival-goer with a large group of friends, and since then we’ve made it an annual tradition. The property is unbelievable,  the festival lineup is always solid, the size is perfect, and the community vibe there is unlike any other festival in the area. Because I fell in love with the fest, I booked my artist there this year. Working with the UTOPiAfest staff is like being brought in as part of the family. The staff was unbelievably friendly, relaxed, and flexible, but everything was organized perfectly and you never want for anything, it’s already been taken care of.” –Candice Digby, Director of The Noise Company

“UTOPiAfest is truly a one-of-a-kind music fest that caters much more to the spirit and community of music rather than the commodity of it.” -Cornmeal

“We drove into the hills of Texas fairly certain we had been lured into an ambush, but we carried on driving anyway. Eventually UTOPiAfest appeared out of nowhere and then it turned out to be the greatest show with the nicest folks in Texas!” -Blitzen Trapper

“UTOPiAfest was pretty much perfect.” –Examiner.com 

“The staff really blew us away with southern hospitality… we have never been treated better, and man, what a gorgeous valley to flood with genuine people and awesome music.”- Sour Bridges 

“Everyone at UTOPIAfest – from staff to concert goers – were so friendly and respectful towards each other, the artists, and the beautiful surroundings. It is simply magical and easily one of the best festival experiences you can have.” -The Giving Tree Band

“An amazingly warm environment with awesome music, art, and people. I loved this place and it opened me right up into having a great time. I really want to do it again!” -Avi Buffalo

“The Texas hill country is the perfect backdrop for a music festival, unrivaled” -Nolan Wheeler of Wheeler Brothers

“UTOPiAFEST has just made our list of the best music festivals in Texas.” –Texas Outside

“The music is secondary here.  It was something to gather around but it was never the point.  The point was to be around truly kind people who you could enjoy the music with.  That was what made the weekend so amazing.” –Austin Fusion Magazine

“It was great to find such an intimate festival that made it easy to connect with fans and other artists.”    -A.J Molyneaux of Wheeler Brothers

“UTOPiAfest is a festival unlike any other, with its regional emphasis, independent production, adventurous bookings, and pure love. While some festivals sit around in offices booking names, UTOPiAfest is busy booking bands. You might not have heard of them, but don’t underestimate them. They will surprise you” –Pop Press International

“It is the most perfect weekend every year, whether I am dancing beneath an almost full moon or in the pouring rain. It is bliss. It is euphoria.” –Accidental Euphoria

“Thank YOU so very much for having Henry + The Invisibles! That was a goodtimes sandwich!! :)” –Henry Rolland

“Utopia rocked!!!!” –Flying Balalaika Brothers

What the fans have to say about UTOPiAfest:

“I had an absolute blast!!!! Good view, good music, good people!!!” – Courtney Baldwin

“What else can I say but Thank You! Forget ACL, go ahead and write off Bonnaroo…Utopiafest is the best fest if you love good people and amazing music!” –Chris Webb

“The landscapes alone are worth it. The timing of all the bands were perfect; you were able to enjoy every band without having to rush between stages. I did not meet one rude person during the festival and that was great….I think everyone was on the same natural high. It was wonderful to see all the families out having so much fun; little kids hoola hooping with big smiles. Rain or shine you’re going to have a good OL time! Utopiafest is a new tradition :)” –Jessica Marrs

“That was an amazing weekend. Great support and action from those running the festival. Thank you!!! We will be back!” –Kerri Tilley Dodson

“Most enjoyable festival I’ve been to in a looonggg time hands down. Thanks for making it possible everyone!” –Sarah Sullivan

“The best thing I’ve ever done, by far.” –James Ybarra

“Thank you so much. I truly had a magical time. It was so well organized. I was never left wanting for anything. I will be back next year” –Karen Koski

“So much fun with the family and friends in Utopia. Love you guys!!” –Heather Bevis Martin

“I had a great time, rain and all! Excellent music, good food, and good company! I hope the Utopiafest tradition keeps on!” –Sarah Flatten